Our Environmental Policy

Progressive Working Environment


 ️Flawless Automotive Paint Repair Inc. 

Advancements in procedural application processes have demonstrated superior reductions in VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds), (GHG)-emission levels not seen in decades. Application procedures mandated to OEM Manufacturer's guidelines exclusive to Water base Toners-Scratch/Mar resistance Clear Coat (Cera

We have accomplished this through advancements in procedures, processes and logistical management. The old school antiquated ideologies has entered an "Environmental" crossroad which hasn’t seen change in decades. This is one of the most important issues needing to be addressed when attempting to bring results regarding our current Global Climate change towards future Environmental sustainability. 

Our companies developmental procedures, through specific innovative practices, is documented in Manufacturers Solvent and VOC emissions usage summary report. This report shows that VOC air pollutant emission levels can be immediately and effectively be reduced. 

Lowering VOC/GHG Carbon Emissions


Our company's Environmental Management agenda is having a direct response towards reducing Canadian Environmental PAINT and SOLVENT emissions by industry source. 

Our Implemented progressive structure has reduced environmental VOC/GHG carbon emissions, along with lowering HAZMAT waste accumulations progressing at an all-time rate.

We have perfected a company that has been able to lower VOC/GHG emission usage summary reports at approximately -6%-. Normal operational practices have demonstrate VOC/GHG emission levels upwards between 25%-35%.

Through advanced practices and procedures, along with strict Environmental Management Guidelines, we have been able to REDUCE our Environmental VOC/GHG emission and waste near 70%.! 

"Generator Number"


Flawless is pleased to publicize our environmental plan.  We observe Environment Canada guidelines in the handling and disposal of all our hazardous waste materials.  Our Generator No. is prominently displayed in our limited finishing facility.   


Just as Automotive Safety standards are regulated so too should all companies who use hazardous refinishing and coating materials. Automotive Body & Repair facilities should be required to follow Governmental regulations for hazardous waste handling and disposal. "PROVINCIAL GENERATOR NUMBERS" should be mandatory and monitored on an annual basis.


We would like to thank "Terrapure Environmental"  for their services assisting us to manage our hazardous waste to follow and  meet the environmental challenges that are encountered day to day within our Industry.

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